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Show You Care — With Flare

Click here to order your Kids’ Plate license plate. You’ll be directly linked to the DMV’s website. Once there, click on the “Order Personalized” option, which will take you to a list of all personalized plates offered (We’ve saved the best for last — so you’ll find Kids’ Plates at the end of the list).

Once you’ve answered a few questions about your vehicle, you’ll be able to choose the Kids’ Plates symbol you want on your license plate — Heart, Hand, Star or Plus — and then craft your license plate message.

Your personalized license plate can contain 2 to 6 letters and numbers — plus a Heart, Hand, Star or Plus. It’s up to you, so be creative!




Tips for creating your kids' plate

Send a message to the world about your:

  • Favorite hobby, sport, team, pet, or special cause
    (i.e., kids, environment, animals, education, etc.)
  • Occupation, culture or ethnicity, gender, age, or family
  • Personality, personal philosophy, or attitude toward life

Or visit www.morewords.com to search for words that contain “hand,” “heart” "plus, and, add" or “star
(i.e., www.morewords.com/contains/heart).NOTE: In some cases, your first choice message may already be taken, so have a couple of backup messages in mind.